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Regular Contributors

Allison Chandler
Allison is a human rights attorney, specializing in children’s rights and traditional justice. Holding a JD from Fordham University School of Law, and a BA from Vassar College, She worked in Uganda on access to justice and fair elections; Sierra Leone on children’s rights and  New York on monitoring implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda at the UN. She is interested in building capacity to protect human rights at the community level and strengthening the rule of law. Allison volunteers for the National MUN conference since 2010. Read Allison's posts here.

Carmen Paz Prieto

A Lawyer, Carmen graduated with honors from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile's Law Faculty. At university, she worked as an assistant teacher and researcher in Roman Law and Human Rights Law. In 2011, she worked at the Human Rights Office of Chilean Legal Aid Agency under Nelson Caucoto. In 2013, she worked as a consultant lawyer for the Human Rights Department of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, developed the position of Chile to UN in the Human Rights Council, and participated in preparing several reports for UN Committees and other related collaborations. Read Carmen’s posts here

Harshit Malik

Harshit is currently pursuing his law degree from Jindal Global Law School (India) and has been striving towards making a name in the field of International Law. He hopes to gain a finer understanding of the law by focusing on academic research. An active part of projects in diverse fields of International Law including IHL, Trade Law, Law of Sea and International Criminal Law, he believes that International Law is still in its primary stage, requires time and efforts to crystallize. Following the belief, he wants to be a part of the domain as it matures. Read Harshit’s posts here

Iman Hadi
Iman is a legal professional with expertise in Contract Law, Comparative Law and Electronic Transactions law. She completed her LLB and LLM at University of Baghdad. Iman worked as a legal advisor in the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education for about 7 years, and got her PhD in law from Monash University in 2013 for her thesis “Contract Formation in Cyberspace: A Comparative Study of Australian, American and Iraqi Laws.  Her PhD thesis examines the most important international legal instruments relating to the formation of contracts, both offline and online. Click here for more information about the thesis. Read Iman's posts here

Italo Feitosa
Italo is a Law graduate, born in the late 80's and influenced by what western and eastern philosophies best offer. A true book freak, Italo also enjoys reading mangas (Japanese comic books) and spend some hours watching animes (Japanese animation) and american series. Italo also dreams about world peace while studies Bbrazilian literature, English and mandarin (has learned 10 characters so far). His hobbies are reading, listening to rock (mainly Metallica and Black Sabbath) and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Read Italo's posts here.

Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo
Karol is a Consultant in Women, Political, Intl and Development Affairs from Guadalajara, Mexico. With experience in international conferences at the UN, the OAS and the IOM, Karol enjoys International Human Rights, having participated in  initiatives with the IAHR System and volunteering with UN agencies for women and children. She was a delegate to the UN Youth Assembly, Consultations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and in conferences led by the UN in South Korea, Australia, Canada, New York and Peru. She is currently pursuing a MA in International Relations & International Organizations. Read Karol's posts here.

Kavana Ramaswamy
Kavana is an Indian lawyer interested in Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law and Legal Philosophy. She has completed her Master's in International Law from the University of Cambridge and her LL.B. from the National University of Juridical Sciences (India) and worked for two years as an associate at an Indian law firm. Her interests include art, music, books and swimming. Read Kavana's posts here.

Marta Magistrelli
Marta is from Italy, and lives in Rome. She has a Master's Degree from the Faculty of Law at University Roma Tre. During University, Marta spent 8 months studying at University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona for the Erasmus Exchange Program in 2011, and in 2012, got a scholarship from her University for a final dissertation research abroad which she carried out at LSE, London. A solicitor in an Italian Law Firm, Marta’s interest lies in international law. She loves travelling and believes that "travelling is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer". Read Marta’s posts here.

Niursana Takhir       

Niursana studies international law in the Ural State Law Academy, Yekaterinburg, Russia. She is interested in Human Rights, Universal Jurisdiction and International Law in general, and has been writing articles in the Russian legal journal. She is also an active participant in Model UN competitions. Niursana has a dream to help children in Africa-be UN Goodwill Ambassador as well as to represent the interests of the state in international forums. Read Niursana’s posts here

Rika is a Greek law graduate holding a professional qualification to practice law in Greece. She has completed her Master of Laws in European Law from the University of Leeds in 2011 and has been living in the UK since then. She has worked in the public, legal and energy sectors and her research interests lie in the fields of International law, European Social law, Discrimination and Human Rights law and Intellectual Property. Read Rika's posts here

Roberto Bezerra 
Roberto Bezerra is from Manaus-Amazon, Brazil. A law student, Roberto loves Law and the art of Diplomacy most in life. When not involved in a project and studying, Roberto likes to read books and hang out with his friends. He really is a person with the spirit of change in him, and who believes in the power of change. Roberto’s dream and goal in life is to become a part of the UN in the future, helping people and making the world a peaceful place. His life motto is: "You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them." Read Roberto’s posts here

Tanisha Pande
Tanisha Pande is currently pursuing a law degree at NALSAR University of Law, India. She is interested in International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law and International Relations. She believes that international law should not be read divorced from the historical context in which it was created and therefore aims to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to its study.  Tanisha wants to be a part of International Law Academia and wants to work to promote TWAIL scholarship. Read Tanisha's posts here

Yazmin Martinez
Yazmin Martinez was born in Mexico and currently lives in Australia. Although Legal studies have been her interest and she has passing knowledge in Law, Yazmin chose to do her Bachelors in International Relations and global politics at Sydney University. She has graduated with a major in Government and Languages. Yazmin believes that humans are very much alike and in this globalised world new generations we have the tools to create new strategies for a future established in international cooperation and negotiation. At the moment, Yazmin is enrolled in a Masters degree in International Law.  Read Yazmin’s posts here.

Mohammed Mussa

Mohammed Mussa is an Independent Humanitarian Aid Worker and Human Rights Advocate. He has worked with CESVI as Peace Building Behaviour Change Officer and National Monitoring, Evaluation and Livelihoods specialist in Somalia. He is interested in protecting rights in conflict affected environments and the Rule of Law. He is a BA graduate from University of Bosaso in Somalia and has a Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy from the same University. He was the founder of University of Bosaso Research Center and Volunteer for the Community Outreach Programme since 2011 as the Research Progamme Officer. Read Mussa's posts here.

Olaya Alvarez

Olaya studied her Bachelor's degree in Law, within which she spent one 'Erasmus year' at the University La Sapienza (Rome). Currently, she is studying a Master's Degree in European Union Law at the University Carlos III of Madrid. Last summer, she was involved in a traineeship at a Human Rights Organization in Belgium, specialized in the field of International Criminal Law. Olaya has participated as a volunteer in the Spanish Red Cross and ELSA researcher about the austerity measures in Spain, in cooperation with the Council of Europe. Read Olaya's posts here.

Julia Schemmer 
Julia is an incoming freshman student at the University of California, Riverside as a double major in Political Science and Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies. Aside from contributing for the United Nations, Julia also writes for outlets such as the Huffington Post Teen, CNN, Buzzfeed, and USA Today. Julia is the author of "20 Seconds of Insane Courage: Encouragement for the Dreamer Inside of You", a 2015 Shorty Awards finalist, and a 2014 Disney Dreamer. When she's older, she hopes to pursue international human rights lawyer. Read Julia's posts here.

Cristina Saenz Perez
Cristina is an Attorney at Law. She graduated from the University of Valencia (Spain) with a double degree in Law and Business Administration and is currently a LL.M. candidate at the United Nations Interregional Crime and Research Institute in Turin (Italy). Previously, she worked in the litigation department of Cuatrecasas-Gonçalves Pereira and interned for a law firm in London where she learnt about refugee and immigration law in the UK. She has carried out extensive research in the fields of International Criminal Law, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law. Read Cristina's posts here.

Ashina Mtsumi
Ashina is a lawyer from Nairobi, Kenya awaiting graduation from the University of Nairobi. As a UN Online Volunteer she is currently undertaking research on women’s rights for the Saratoga Foundation for Women Worldwide. She believes that knowledge and understanding is crucial element necessary for development and this inspires her love for research and writing. She also enjoys working with children in the community, especially in mentorship programmes. Her interests are international law, governance, development and human rights and she is determined to contribute to a more peaceful, prosperous Africa. Read Ashina's posts here.